Pride and Prejudice in Auckland March 2016

Caroline Bingley and Mr Bennet Photo credit: Meg Andrews

Narina Riddle
(Choreographer and Actress playing Lydia Bennet)


The Acting Collective

The Acting Collective was started 6 months ago by Christianne Van Wijk. She put the word out via Facebook about doing a stage production of Pride and Prejudice which caught a lot of peoples attention. From the first meeting you could tell it was going to be something special, that’s where the idea of the acting collective came from – the fact that you could share technique, ideas and thoughts with other actors without limitation. In terms of putting on Pride and Prejudice, we have a cast of 16 and everybody has a secondary role in the production side of things, it has made us close as a cast and a team. Continue reading “Pride and Prejudice in Auckland March 2016”


ADAPTING JANE AUSTEN’S NOVELS FOR THE STAGE: Additions, omissions and essentials

Pamela Whalan

Wellington, Saturday 13 February 2016 / Auckland, Saturday 20 February 2016

I have adapted for the stage five of Austen’s six novels and before long I hope to adapt the sixth, Northanger Abbey.

I am often asked how long it takes to adapt an Austen novel. The actual writing of the script is the quickest part of the activity. It usually takes about three weeks. It follows a planning period of some months and much scribbling of notes on the backs of envelopes, as I decide how to organise the telling of the tale. The writing is followed by a period in which the script is set aside, revised and workshopped before it goes into production and then into print. But none of this would be possible if I did not come to the planning stage with a thorough knowledge of the novel that cannot be gained through one or two readings. If you are going to successfully transfer the spirit of the novel from page to stage you need to have a thorough understanding and love of the work that comes from living with it over a period of many years.

Why do I do it? Continue reading “ADAPTING JANE AUSTEN’S NOVELS FOR THE STAGE: Additions, omissions and essentials”