Georgette Heyer conference

Mary Fama


I’m a long-time member of JASA (Kiwi, lived in Brisbane for years, now in Hawke’s Bay since 2010). I’m also a Georgette Heyer fan, as were my sister and my father, who gave the 2 of us the newly published books for birthdays and Christmas. He also devoured them. We loved her wit and sparkle. Heyer used to be dismissed as ‘chick lit’ although never relegated to the Mills and Boon bucket. We’re delighted Heyer is now ‘respectable’ because so many JASA members also love her books.

Susannah Fullerton (President of the Jane Austen Society of Australia) wrote to me:

“I am so sorry you cannot attend our Georgette Heyer conference. It promises to be a wonderful day. I loved hearing about your father enjoying her novels. I am currently listening to ‘Frederica’ on audio and it is hard to stop laughing at it – so delightful!”

Of the recent conference, held on Sunday, August 7th. Susannah wrote:

“We had our Georgette Heyer conference yesterday, attended by 160 people, and it was a huge success – wonderful talks, some film footage of the unveiling of the blue plaque on GH’s birthplace, lots of discussion and great fun!”

If anyone wants a copy of a booklet about Heyer you can email Susannah Fullerton The booklets cost AU$20 (including postage). She says:

“It looks absolutely fabulous, with contributions from Stephen Fry, Emma Darwin, Eloise James, Kate Fenton, Jennifer Kloester and many others. We are thrilled with it.”

My copy (edited by SF + a couple of friends) has arrived and is quite delightful. Great introduction to Heyer, if you’re not yet a fan! Many wonderful vignettes from fans.



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