Jane Austen and Chawton Suites


A message to all Janeites from the heart of Jane Austen Country !


WHY NOT USE AN ORIGINAL PIECE of music written by a gifted composer born and bred just a mile from Jane’s former home in Chawton, and who could not have deeper links with the village – Great-grandad was a carpenter, Grandad a footman, at Chawton House itself !

Classical composer and arranger, Philip Andrews, was inspired to compose a piece for use in next year’s festivities. Advance performances of his Jane Austen Suite have been warmly received by Austen fans and serious musicians alike here in the heart of Jane Austen Country.   

Full of musical fun and well within the range of experienced amateur players, the Suite is inspired by female characters from each of Austen’s novels, including her unfinished novel, Sanditon. Scored for piano, violin, cello, clarinet and flute, with very short introductory spoken passages for voice, the piece, lasting about twenty minutes, provides an ideal vehicle for musicians who may like to express their admiration for an author whose sales worldwide are now second only to those of Shakespeare, and which are likely to rise even higher in 2017 !

So, why not invite your local musician friends to include it in next year’s programme ? Philip Andrews is pleased to waive performance fees and to offer the piece to Austen admirers everywhere as his contribution, direct from Chawton, to the festivities in 2017.

To hear short extracts from Philip’s Jane Austen Suite and obtain details of how to obtain the full score and parts, or order a CD containing a recording of the full suite and Philip’s earlier Chawton Suite, go to his website at philipandrewsmusic.com.

With best wishes,

Co-ordinator, Philip Andrews Music


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