Leimomi Oakes – Apparatus of Happiness

We interview Leimomi Oakes, aka The Dreamstress, one of the speakers at the upcoming Symposium Jane Austen: The Good, The Bad and The Undressed.

If you were a character in an Austen novel, what would your name be?
Lady Caroline de Peyton (If I can’t be a Lady in a fantasy Austen novel, what’s the point!)

Would your character be good or bad?
Mostly good, occasionally very mischievous.

What would make your character good or bad?
Her intent…And the ability of her morality to override her desire to whack at least a quarter of the other characters with her inordinately heavy reticule (inordinately heavy, because she’s using it to carry around at least three books at any given time).

Who is your favorite author and why?
Currently Robin McKinley. I’m enjoying her strong heroines, who find unusual alternative ways to solve their own problems, and her incredibly detailed world-building.

What are your credentials? 
Leimomi Oakes is a Hawaiian-born based freelance fashion and textile historian and sewing teacher. She specialises in recreating historical fashions using period accurate techniques, and in exploring the way historical events and societal mores influenced, and were influenced by, fashion and textiles.

Leimomi is a frequent contributor to Glory Days vintage lifestyle magazine, has been featured in Threads magazine and on numerous international fashion and sewing blogs and websites. She is the designer behind Scroop Patterns and authors the popular fashion & textile history blog thedreamstress.com.

What is the title of your talk for the symposium?
Apparatus of Happiness: Clothing & Jane Austen.


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