Symposium: Why are the tickets cheaper?

Reserve tickets – $50
We created the reserve ticket so you can secure your place at the conference but pay the full cost later.
Many people are waiting till closer to the time to buy tickets (for money reasons or social commitments). We don’t want you to miss out!. Our last meeting doubled capacity and still had to turn people away.
We can’t increase capacity for the symposium and because of logistics if you don’t buy your tickets before 25 March we will have to cancel.

Standard tickets – $195
They are a bit cheaper! We changed a setting on Eventbrite to absorb their fees. This brings the tickets back down to the advertised $195
The majority of you were happy to pay $199 for a full day conference (there were a few outliers who wanted to pay $500 for two days). Our costs are a little under this so we’re able to save you $4.

Regular posts
I will be posting each week leading up to the symposium.
Next post: Meet our speakers!

Get your ticket now!


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