Symposium: Have you got your ticket yet?

We wanted to do something special to mark 200 years since Jane Austen’s death and to bring together members from across the country. As I mentioned previously the symposium is different to our normal meetings; there’s a lot more people, logistics and cost involved.

I’ve worked really hard to give you the symposium you wanted* and I do hope that it can go ahead. Please buy your ticket before Saturday (25 March) to make sure we have the numbers to hold the meeting.

There is always a rush to buy tickets a couple of days before the meeting but ticket sales for the symposium will close a week before on 1 April.

*based off your responses to our survey (cost, location, topics and speakers)

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I will be posting each week leading up to the symposium.
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Symposium: What are we going to be doing?

Jane Austen Symposium: The Good, The Bad and The Undressed
Saturday, 8 April

9:30 Registration
10:00 First Impressions – Sarah Laing
11:00 Morning tea
11:15 ‘I am now going to murder my sister’: Villains and villainy in Austen – David Norton
12:30 Regency Lunch
13:30 Card games / National Library visit – Anthony Tedeschi
15:00 Afternoon tea
15:15 Apparatus of Happiness: Clothing & Jane Austen – Leimomi Oakes
16:15 Etiquette quiz*
(stay around for more cards and grab a drink)
Please note this is subject to change
*There’s a copy of Folly is Not Always Folly up for grabs and lots of Whittakers chocolate! 


Regular posts
I will be posting each week leading up to the symposium.
Next post: have you got your ticket yet?

Get your ticket now!

Symposium: Who’s going to be speaking?

Sarah Laing

Sarah is an author and Wellingtonian. While our other speakers are academics you confessed to wanting someone a little bit famous. Enter Sarah Laing an, award winning New Zealand author, who has recently been interviewed everywhere about her new book Mansfield and Me.


David Norton
David is a crowd favourite and regularly at our meetings contributing to discussions. His talk last year on hidden relationships in Emma had members begging to have him back. We’ve asked him to talk about the bad boys of Austen, during that discussion he also confessed to having once been a cowboy!

Read more about David

Leimomi Oakes
Historian, dressmaker, lecturer. Leimomi is also known as The Dreamsstress. Not only does she create historical clothing she uses methods and material as close to those available at the time as possible.
Read our interview with Leimomi
Anthony Tedeschi
Anthony’s last talk was such a hit we weren’t able to let everyone in! There were a lot of requests to see the Austen first editions again so Anthony is bringing them out especially for his talk at the symposium – he won’t necessarily be talking about them but you’ll be able to have a good look and ask any questions.
Read our interview with Anthony

Regular posts

I will be posting each week leading up to the symposium.
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Get your ticket now!